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Valentine’s Day Pop Up Shop

For vendor only 

Do you need an electrical outlet? $15
Do you give permission for pictures of your booth at the Stop & Shop to be used on our website and Facebook page for promotional purposes?*

Thank you! We’ll be in touch.

This agreement is to verify your participation in the

Valentine’s Day Pop Up Shop on

Saturday, February 12th, 2022

 at The  Sugar Loft Events2 7530 Blase Street

Liberty Twp, OH 45069

Each Small Business vendor will receive a table and two chairs

with their registration. 

Small business vendors are permitted to bring displays and stands however if you are bringing an additional table you MUST notify the event team at the time of registration.

We encourage vendors to be as unique as they please with your display, however, loud music is prohibited.

Outlets are available for electronic equipment but are limited, those needs should be specified at the bottom of the agreement.

Vendors are advised to keep products and exhibits to a 6’x6’

display size.

Unless larger spaces are purchased,

should give prior notice to the event coordinator.

Sugar Loft Events2 is not liable or responsible for any accidents or incidents that occur while vendors, volunteers, or patrons are in the building.

In addition, Sugar Loft Events2 assumes no liability or responsibility for any effects small business vendor products may have on patrons. Each vendor holds responsibility and liability for their own products and product effects.

Vendors may have access to event space beginning at 10:00 am. The event concludes at 4:00 pm and vendors have until 5:00 pm for break down.


Participation on February 12, 2022

Valentine’s Day Pop Up Shop is voluntary and vendors reserve all rights to their products and services as well as payment received for these products and services.

Vendors must pay the registration fee   

(check out Eventbrite)

 before vending space is reserved.

The vendor is chosen on a first come first serve basis.

Thanks to the layout of  Sugar Loft Events2 all vending areas have an equal amount of visibility. There are no bad spaces. Show management pre-selects vendor space for each small business based on your products, however, vendors reserve the right to request a different space, although it is not guaranteed.

Payment shall be made directly through Eventbrite