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Policy Review 

Legal Terms:

Celebrations are booked on a first come, first-served basis.

When a celebration date and time have been agreed upon a $50 nonrefundable deposit will be required to hold the date.

30 days prior to the celebration 50% must be paid.

The remainder must be paid in full 14 days before celebration.

LATE AND REJECTED PAYMENT FEES a. Late Payments: Client will be charged a late fee for overdue invoices.

If the Rental Fee is not paid in full at least ten (14) business days prior to the Event,

Sugar Loft Events /Sugar Spice Spa reserves the right to cancel the Event without refund.


Client is responsible for any damages to

Sugar Loft Events /Sugar Spice Spa and property that may have been caused by the Client and/or the Client’s guests and vendors.

Clients are required to adhere to the Event Center Usage Rules (Exhibit A) (Which is in the contract that you will receive) and are required to ensure their guests and vendors honor them as well.

The Client is ultimately responsible for any damage incurred. The Client is within his/her rights to seek redress for damage charges caused by Client’s guests and vendors.

Sugar Loft Events /Sugar Spice Spa will not involve itself in these efforts.

Client is responsible for a Security Deposit based on the number of guests attending the Event.

Sugar Loft Events /Sugar Spice Spa Venue Manager will use reasonable best efforts to report any damages or loss of property to the Client on the day of the Event, however, some things may not be noticed until after the Event ends.

Sugar Loft Events /Sugar Spice Spa reserves the right to make a thorough inspection of the property and identify/assess damages prior to the next scheduled Event or within ten (10) business days of the Event whichever is shorter. Catering, Cleaning, Trash and Equipment Removal:

Sugar Loft Events /Sugar Spice Spa will be in a clean condition prior to your event.

Upon additional planning with Sugar Loft Events /Sugar Spice Spa, you will need to incorporate your set-up time and clean up time into the rental agreement, you are required to return the space to the same clean condition in which it was found, unless payment for clean-up was made.

Otherwise, all trash must be collected, properly bagged and removed by the renter or the caterer and the furniture must be rearranged.

All rental equipment must be removed that night unless approved otherwise by

Sugar Loft Events /Sugar Spice Spa If damage has occurred,

Sugar Loft Events /Sugar Spice Spa will provide an itemized list to the Client and Sugar Loft Events /Sugar Spice Spa will charge the damage amount to the Client’s credit card that was held on file for such purpose.

**Note, Sugar Loft Events /Sugar Spice Spa staff will make reasonable best efforts to repair damage charging only for labor. Should, the damage be extensive, Client will be responsible for replacement costs.


For Membership: Please note, if you are on a commitment promotion, you will not have the option to hold or cancel your membership until the end of your 6-month commitment. Should you cancel your membership mid-commitment you’ll be subject to charges of the full-fare membership.

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