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Read &Fill out your Sugar & Spice Spa Party Contract 

Here at Sugar & Spice Spa  (S&SS) we believe that all of life's special moments should be celebrated! Let S&SS help you with creating a memorable event for your loved one(s) setting their party/celebration apart from the rest. Leave all of the small details to S&SS to create a whimsical atmosphere for your party by implementing special touches to make your event truly unique.


At times we will photograph the girls (or any event) during the spa party while reading magazines, having their nail painted and enjoying our (any) services. We use these photos to display on our website and social media sites for parents (such as yourself) to see our parties. Sugar & Spice Spa/Event Center reserves the right to use photography taken at any party (or any event) serviced by us (or our space) in any promotional media.  Your signature on this consent form constitutes your agreement that you will make no monetary or other claim against Sugar & Spice Spa for the use of photographs taken of your child during the party. 

Cancellations, Rescheduling & Refunds:

1. We strive our best to work with you when rescheduling occurs’, however, it is based on availability. We must receive one week notice to reschedule your party. If you need to cancel your party for any reason we cannot refund your deposit, as we begin preparations for your party immediately upon booking your slot. We will gladly try to accommodate you to reschedule your party within 90 days from original party date but can be scheduled within that 90 day period out for 6 months.

2. We do not offer refunds or credits for guests who do not show up on the day of the party. Your deposit will be applied towards the cost of the new scheduled party which must be held within 6 months of the original party and made within 90 days of your original party date. If you choose to cancel your party for whatever reason, a refund will not be issued.

3. We will gladly work with you on choosing an alternative date based on availability within 6 months of original party. There will be a $100.00 charge for a date-change request by the client. In cases of bad weather, serious illness or other unforeseen emergencies, Sugar & Spice Spa reserves the right to reschedule your party. CANCELLATION date-Hold deposit is non-refundable from 30 days prior to event: no Space Rental Payment(S) will BE refunded.

RSVP Confirmation:

You will need to confirm your final guest count with Sugar & Spice Spa three (3) days prior the party date. This will be the confirmation number Sugar & Spice Spa will use to plan your party, and you will be charged accordingly. Once you have given a final head count by the third (3) day prior to your booked party by noon time, you can only add additional children if needed to. You cannot delete any guests from the final head count you give three (3) days prior by noon time, because our staff prepares everything for the number you have already given. If you do not contact us three (3) days prior by noon time, then we will have to go by the headcount that you provided us with when you booked the party.


1. Sugar & Spice Spa assumes no responsibility or liability for accidents or injures that may occur during this event. 

2. Sugar & Spice Spa is not responsible for allergic reactions to wearing any costumes or consuming any candies during or after the party. It is the responsibility of the guest and /or guests'parents to in form Sugar & Spice Spa of any dietary restrictions or any allergies to any products. 

3. Although none of our sweet contain nuts, we cannot guarantee that they were made in a nut free environment and therefore may contain traces of nuts. Sugar & Spice Spa is not responsible for individuals whom may have allergies. Some candies may be choking hazard to small children. Children should be monitored by adults at all time; we do not provide supervision. Sugar & Spice Spa staff provides a safe and entertaining environment. However, Sugar & Spice Spa it’s owners, and employees are not responsible for accidents, allergies to food, clothing, spa product, or property damage. Upon arrival for a party, you may be required to sign a waiver of liability form prior to your child participating in a special event.



We understand accidents happen. However, the client will be held responsible for excessive damage sustained to costumes, and any property of Sugar & Spice Spa. These are some of the costs for the following items: $25 per costume, $5 per item (crowns, boas, glittered microphones, diva hats, and any other props). Vintage China plates and tea cups are used for the Tea parties. There will be a charge of $15 for each cup broken, $5 per broken saucer, and $5 per broken plate.


It is the responsibility of the client, guest and/or guests’ parents or guardians to supervise all children and activities relating to the entertainment. We ask that there be adult supervision at all times during the party to attend possible needs or any misbehavior of any child. We ask that you keep the adult noise level to a minimum so the children do not get distracted. This allows children to hear the instruction of the party hostess.

We are here to ensure that your experience is a memorable one. We do request that if the children are not behaving parents step in to control the situation. We will strive to keep your party under control as this is our specialty!
How can I check your availability? To check availability, please contact us at 513-336-7770 or e-mail us at

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